3 Responses to “Silence”

  1. awilhite Says:

    I think you should write it- it’s in you, and God has stirred it. Your last couple of posts really spoke to me about what God is trying to do in your heart. Deep is calling to deep, and he is opening something in you. What you really are is down there somewhere, and God is not going to rest until he has it out of you.

    Love you now, love you always,

  2. Neal Wilhite Says:

    There was a moment of depression. Silence was a statement (or reply) to that.

  3. Mom Says:

    Hi Neal, I often live in a silence — like now! I’ve come to realize that the beginning of my own physical problems is my moment in silence and darkness. Where is God? Can God reach me. while I stand naked in my spiritual closet and address the plastic ceiling?

    Only thing I know to do is to keep shouting out to God. He’s already seeking me in my hiding place, in my snarl!

    Love you, as I always have!

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