Who to vote for now?

Dear Dr. James Dobson,

You are a man who’s opinion I tend to trust. Please don’t believe I’m saying this foolishly. Just because you say something doesn’t mean that I believe it blindly. You are in fact no more perfect than any other man. On the other hand, you have a proven track record and you appear to have a really good connection with God. I wish I knew what options you saw (in the 2008 presidential election) now that Huckabee is out of the race.

Huckabee is a man that I know understoods what is important and what is not. McCain appears to be not as concerned about the unborn or the sanctity of marriage or protecting us from judicial legislation… as I could wish. I don’t see the level of support for them that I would wish and what is there in a not well defined way. This is not just me being Republican. There are some Democrats whom I would trust in these areas (such as Mike McIntyre) but none of whom are running for president. You see, I consider myself to be an independent.

Mr Dobson, I don’t expect to hear from you or for you to see this posting but I sure wish I knew what you were thinking.


Dear God,

I know that you are listening. What now? Please speak to those of us that share my concern. To those that want your will to be carried forward. We need your direction. We love you and we would do anything for you.

Your Devoted Servant,

Neal Wilhite (Wilhiten@aol.com)


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