Scout Troop Blessings

I’ve been looking around.  Around here, it appears that Scouting is in decline.  I see troops loosing members. I see troops with insufficient adult leadership.  The word languish really does come to mind.  I thought that we were doing God’s will.  That we were leading a next generation to a greater place in the kingdom.  Where’s the blessing for my troop?

“Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord…” PS 33:12.  I don’t really think that David meant only nations.  I think that he could have as easily used people or church or organization here.  The Jews have often been referred to as the “nation” of Israel.  I’d say that a group of people that is united in their dedication to the Lord would receive this blessing.  So again I say, where’s that blessing.

I’ve always said that we were a Christian troop.  We say that we only take leaders with strong Christian values.  We say that we will only provide Christian mentorship for the boys.  Don’t we qualify as Christian?  So I started looking around.  OK, I wasn’t really looking.  The Lord just tapped me on the shoulder and asked a question.  “Are you doing it the my way or are you doing it your way (the convenient way) in my name?” 

I imagine that He gets annoyed with our tossing stuff on His plate that he would never feed us.  Lord if I’m a scout, then I’m yours, right? “No!”  How about if I go to church?  “Pagans have been to your church to attempt to damage it with their supposed powers.  Were they Christian since they came to church?”  So what will it take?  Do you know what He told me?  He said, “Do you consistently unite in prayer?  Do you seek my will in your decisions?  Do you listen and obey?”

I am determined to change my plan.  There will be no more settling for the convenient.  There will be no more walking the easy paths.  If I can’t get the Lord’s blessing than I’d rather that the troop died anyway.  If it’s not serving His purpose then what good is it.  If you’ve got a troop you are welcome to join me.  If you are already doing these things, I want to come see and be further inspired!


3 Responses to “Scout Troop Blessings”

  1. Martin Foster Says:

    Here in South Africa Scouting is interdenominational and no one has to demonstrate their allegiance to any particular religion.

    In my view each person has three categories of belief.
    1. Personal individual beliefs in God, angels, heaven, devils, baptism, or whatever.
    2. Social belief – how one interacts socially with others of the same or different religious beliefs or culture.
    3. One’s life script – How you live your life. How you treat others. How you react to those with a different view of life then yourself.

    It seems you have come to a realization in your life that means much to you. Let others, also, in their time attain their own realizations.

    Martin Foster Scoutmaster 9th Irene Air Scout Troop.

  2. iqbal Masih Bhatti Says:

    Iam mumberof paistian christian
    scout in pakisan

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